Project Your World to the World

Gone are the days of friends and family crowding around a small 3" screen. The ipico™ hand-held projector was designed to let you share your photos, videos and movies anywhere you go and can be displayed larger than life virtually everywhere.

Portable enough to take anywhere, ipico™ is only 3.6 ounces and is so small it fits inside your pocket or bag. When projecting, it conveniently holds your iPhone™ or iPod™ touch in place and in most cases does not require removing the protective case from your device.

Pop-Up Connector

This patented connector has two great features:

  • Allows for easy connection to iPod touch™ and iPhone™ devices without the fuss of any cables
  • The pop-up connector will work without removing most protective cases from your device


This hand-held projector supports qHD (960 x 540 pixels) for sharper, more detailed images compared to others that only support 320 lines of resolution


In a dim or dark room, the ipico™ screen can project in excess of 50" diagonal. Pair with wireless, bluetooth speakers and you have your own home theater practically anywhere, indoors or out!

No Fans

The ipico™ hand-held projector is air-cooled for the best user experience. No noisy fans to distract from watching videos and movies.

iOS Applications

ipico™ supports playback of photos, videos, YouTube™ and downloaded movies via iTunes™.


Made for iPod™ and Made for iPhone™ signify that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect and has been certified by the developer to meet AppleĀ® performance standards.